Public transport is an indispensable part of a modern society. As one of the world's leading suppliers in the area of Intelligent Transportation Systems and electronic fare collection systems for public transport INIT assists transportation companies in making public transport services more attractive, faster and more efficient.

INIT uses innovative mobility concepts to give forward-thinking transport companies a technical advantage. This may take the shape of favorable standards or customer-specific, tailor-made solutions. As a supplier of turnkey systems, INIT develops, produces, installs, and maintains integrated hardware and software solutions for all key tasks required by transportation companies. Recorded benefits include increased efficiency, greater safety and more satisfied passengers.

INIT is:

Innovative: Progress is a tradition at INIT. Our development team combines excellent know-how and a high level of commitment to create cutting edge technology that works.

Thinking in Systems: Used as stand-alone or integrated with other systems – our modularly structured complete solutions offer the maximum amount of flexibility for planning and operations.

Investment Security:
Technologies, interfaces, software ..., we base our work on international standards which will also exist tomorrow. And if necessary, we set the standards ourselves.

Customer Orientation: You can find us where our customers are. This applies to our office locations and to our way of thinking. Our customers become our partners, and jointly we can make a difference.

Global: Our worldwide activities ensure a contact with state-of-the art development in each technology field and widen our horizons for international approaches to solutions. Technology transfer which moves our customers forward.