Most accurate passenger counting

INIT’s Automatic Passenger Counting System allows you to adapt your service to your passengers needs in the most economic way.

Automatic Passenger Counting



Providing a frequent service vs. cost effectiveness - this is the conflict of goals that MOBILE-APC, INIT’s Automatic Passenger Counting System, helps you to solve. By providing sound information on ridership, it allows you to adapt your timetable to the actual demand of your passengers. Hence you are able to offer maximum service while utilizing a minimum of resources.

More than mere counting

Where is it necessary to extend service? Where can you optimize service frequency? Is it possible to deploy a smaller vehicle on a trip to cut-down operational costs? To answer these questions and hence increase your efficiency, you need to do more than just count passengers. MOBILE-APC offers you more - a fully automatic system to support management decisions.

Information that pays off

The automatically transferred counting data is processed by INIT’s statistics tool, MOBILEstatistics. Here data accuracy is optimized by matching algorithms and given out in easy-to-read reports. These reports show at a glance how your service is actually used by the passengers. So, MOBILE-APC enables you to identify potential optimizations very easily. Hence, you are ideally prepared for making decisions on how to improve the economic prosperity of your company.

In addition, MOBILE-APC provides you with clear reports to substantiate your need for funding to the government (NDT reporting) or to prove your performance to transportation authorities.

When it comes to optimization decisions, accurate information on ridership is a must.

Only the best is good enough

Everything starts with tracking how many passengers board or alight at which stop. To support MOBILE-APC, INIT utilizes IRMA, the industry’s leading counting technology. The IRMA sensors and analyzers can be installed in any type of public transportation vehicle and guarantee the most accurate counting results, irrespective of the environmental conditions.

Learn more about IRMA

MOBILE-APC allows you to

  • Offer the service your passengers request
  • Utilize resources optimally
  • Increase your productivity

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