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INIT’s Real-time Passenger Information System allows you to offer your passengers a service quality they never dared to dream of.

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You want your passengers to experience excellent service? Then reliability has to be your main focus. And your passengers feel your service to be the more reliable the better Real-time Passenger Information (RTPI) is. Especially, when something goes wrong and their bus or train is going to be late first-class information is a priority in order to keep your passengers satisfied. That is why MOBILE-STOPinfo offers you far more than just a calculating tool to tell when the next bus or train will arrive at a stop.

More than reliable departure information

MOBILE-STOPinfo allows you to provide your passengers with far more than “just” the most precise prediction of departure times. Integrated with INIT’s fleet management system MOBILE-ITCS, the passenger information system is able to consider dispatching measures like detours as well as future effects of disturbances, like when a major delay will affect the vehicle’s next trip as well. This improves the reliability of your real-time passenger information extremely.

Even more, using standard interfaces INIT allows you to integrate your real-time information with other systems and thereby offer your passengers a dovetailed service.

Assist your passengers when help is needed most

To offer a first-class service, it is mandatory to inform your passengers instantly on delays. MOBILE-STOPinfo provides pertinent information automatically to every information media in your RTPI system. So MOBILE-STOPinfo allows you to show your passengers that you are working hard to solve the problem.

But sometimes this is not enough. In the event of major incidents, passengers also need further information on how to best continue their trip to reach their destination. MOBILE-STOPinfo provides your employees with comfortable tools to design and communicate that specific information and fill the gaps for your passengers.

Well-informed passengers are satisfied passengers

MOBILE-STOPinfo allows you to provide your passengers with information:

  • On delays, as soon as they happen
  • On travel alternatives
  • On other modes of transport
  • Through various media - based on the same source of reliable information
  • Via IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Via Journey Planners

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