Convenient fare solutions – efficient and easy

INIT’s Fare Management System, MOBILE-EFM allows you to provide your passengers with convenient, easy–to-access tickets. No more barriers - just step on-board.

Fare Management

Customer Relations Management

Ticket Printer/On-Board Computer

Ticket Terminal

Ticket Vending Machine


To purchase tickets is the biggest hassle for passengers when it comes to public transportation. That is why INIT offers electronic ticketing solutions that make getting the right ticket as easy as one, two, three.

Supported by handy ticket printers, drivers can quickly sell the necessary ticket or passengers have the option of buying it at an easy to operate mobile ticket terminal. Utmost convenience is offered by check-in/check-out systems with automatic fare calculation, so passengers can just board and ride for the lowest price possible. They will never again miss a bus or train while trying to deal with the fare structure in order to get a ticket from the ticket machine at the stop.

INIT’s convenient ticketing solution provides excellent customer service, and is a convincing benefit for more people to use public transportation.

Beyond selling tickets

To efficiently handle ticket sales INITs background system MOBILEvario supports all tasks of fare management from data provision to the clearing of revenus. The multi-client capable tool also offers the possibility to analyse sales for individual transportation companies based on their individual data only.

MOBILE-EFM allows you to take full economic advantage of electronic fare management as INIT is one of few suppliers fully integrating the fare management with the ITCS. This leads to a single data management process and allows for additional functionalities.

Electronic Ticketing reduces boarding times at stops, increases punctuality and decreases the workload for your drivers.

MOBILE-EFM allows you to

  • Sell various types of tickets
  • Reduce boarding time 
  • Increase punctuality 
  • Integrate ticketing with the ITCS
  • Increase efficiency 
  • Install a multi-client system

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